Julie's grandmother's house, and Julie's work, Alpat.

Pictures from Hurricane Katrina in Slidell, LA where we live.
Tree damage around Julie's grandmother's house
Hurricane damage to family homes
Steve Vai Concert Pictures - from the House Of Blues in New Orleans - 3/11/05
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There were many tree limbs down around here house, but no damage or flooding to her house.  Click your mouse on each picture to see them in the larger actual size.

The front of Julie's grandmother's house.
Many tree limbs fell from big tree in front yard.

This is one side of her house with a wooden gate.
Looking at it from the backyard, this is the left side.

The big tree in her front yard.
Many limbs fell from it from the high winds.

A small tree fell down in front of her shed.
This is in her backyard.

Here's a few pictures from Julie's workplace, called "Alpat".  It's a few blocks away from our apartment in Slidell. Click your mouse on each picture to see it in the larger actual size.

The parking lot at Julie's workplace.
Her building can be seen on the left side.

The front door area of Julie's office.
It appears that they didn't get water or wind damage.

Julie's work office seems to be okay from the outside.

The parking lot
You can see the left side of the building on the right