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Pictures from Hurricane Katrina in Slidell, LA where we live.
Tree damage around Julie's grandmother's house
Hurricane damage to family homes
Steve Vai Concert Pictures - from the House Of Blues in New Orleans - 3/11/05
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Here's some recent family pictures from a little Buckley reunion we had in January this year.

Me and my two brothers
Scott, Mike and Patrick Buckley - January 2005

The Buckley Men
Scott, Tom (our Dad), Mike, and Patrick

Me and my oldest, best friend....Boyd LeJeune
We've known each other since 1984! He's a science teacher at Franklin High School in Franklin, LA.

Boyd is practically a Buckley brother. We've been friends for over 20 years. The running joke is when Boyd would spend the night on Friday nights we'd always have spaghetti for dinner. So we'd all say when he came over it must be time for spaghetti!

Skai's chocolate face!
She really enjoyed her cake at Olive Garden for her birthday!

The Buckley clan
We finally all got together for New Years day 2005.

Pictured left to right: Scott, and his wife Jenny, Dad/Tom and Mom/JoAnn, Mike and his wife Julie, Patrick and his wife Lisa (holding their daughter Katherine Grace). The kids on the front row: Skai, Patrick's two sons Andrew and Matthew.

Skai and I laugh about her messy face!
She got chocolate all over her face from her cake.

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